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Premium Household Disposables

Kstar is a brand which sells premium household disposable products such as Cling Film, Aluminium Foil, Greaseproof Paper and Tissue paper.




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Our Products

Luxury Soft
6 in 1

Super Soft
6 in 1

Super Soft
10 in 1

Facial Tissues

Foil Cut Sheets

Non Woven Rolls

Okit Cut Sheets

Our Products

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9+1 Meter

50 Meter


20 Meter

50 Meter

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Single Roll (100 Grams)

Luxury Soft 6 in 1 (370 Grams)

Super Soft 6 in 1 (430 Grams)

Super Soft 10 in 1 (710 Grams)

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Facial Tissue

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80 Wipes Roll - 21 cm x 23 cm

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Cut Sheet - KG (Any size)

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50 Wraps (22 cm x 25 cm)

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50% (3 Mtr)

72 No. (36 Meter)

9 Meter

72 Meter

18 Meter

Gross KG (800 Grams Foil)

25 Meter

Net KG

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2.00 KG - 600 Special (1300 + 700)

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30 Mtr

100 No (50 Mtr)

100 Mtr

Aluminium Foil

Our Jumbo Aluminum Foil (Household Foil only) Is Designed To Meet Your Household Requirements With Reliability And Efficiency. Whether It’S For Cooking, Storing, Or Wrapping, Our Foil Offers Optimal Performance And Durability.

ApplicationFood Storage
Thickness Range11 Microns & 18 Microns
GradesHousehold Foil (Hhf)
TypesImported and Domestic
Available InJumbo Rolls 

Food Wrapping Papers

Our Papers, Available In Greaseproof And Non-Greaseproof Options, Ensure Your Food Stays Fresh And Well-Presented. Whether You Need A Natural Or White Finish, Our Papers Offer Versatile Packaging Solutions, From Jumbo Rolls To Sheets, Tailored To Your Needs.

ApplicationPacking Lunches Or Tiffins
Wrapping Food For Storage
Containing Leftovers
Packaging Snacks
Transporting Meals
Gsm Range30 Gsm To 80 Gsm
GradesVirgin And Recycled
TypesGreaseproof And Non Greaseproof Paper
ColourWhite And Brown
Available InJumbo Rolls And Sheets

Kraft Papers

Our Mg (Machine Glazed) Kraft Paper Is Smooth, Glossy, And Durable, Making It Perfect For Various Packaging Needs, From Stylish Shopping Bags To Practical Flexible Packaging Solutions

ApplicationPaper Bags
Grocery Bags
Printing/Packaging Needs.
Gsm Range32 Gsm To 100 Gsm
GradesVirgin And Recycled
TypesBleached And Unbleached
ColourWhite And Brown
Available In 

Tissue Papers

Tissue Paper, Versatile And Absorbent, Serves Essential Roles In Hygiene And Household Tasks. With Options In Various Grades, Textures, And Colors, It Offers Convenience And Cleanliness For Everyday Use.

Toilet Tissues
Kitchen Towels
Facial Tissues
Gsm Range12.5 Gsm To 50 Gsm
GradesVirgin And Recycled
TypesHard And Soft
ColourWhite And Brown
Available InJumbo Rolls